Town of Limon Community Pool

Limon Community Pool

This new pool facility is a welcome addition to the community of Limon. Two in-ground pools will provide recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities. The main facility includes a playfully designed, 3,000-square-foot bathhouse with a shower and locker room, staff working spaces, and a covered observation area overlooking both pools. The shallow pool is located closest to the pool house and offers popular features swimmers have come to expect including water play features and a graduated zero-entry area designed for younger patrons’ enjoyment. The ADA-compliant ramp opens up opportunities for patrons with limited mobility. The area is surrounded by covered shade structure canopies to offer a retreat from the sun. A unique curled water slide winds and twists visitors up a spiral staircase and transports them back into the pool. The second pool is longer at 80 feet and is designed to serve more advanced swimmers. The pool features 3 lap lanes, a diving board, a climbing wall, and an ADA lift system. The pool is surrounded by seating on every side so that parents can observe swimming activities while relaxing.




Town of Limon


OLC (Ohlson Lavoie Corporation)