St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church

St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church

St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the most ancient churches in the world and St. Mark’s is the only Coptic Church in Colorado. It was a rewarding church to build, AD Miller relied on their vast wealth of religious institution construction knowledge of working closely with the congregation. AD Miller listened carefully to the client’s needs delivering a unique building and delivered an outstanding structure to foster growth in the local community and provide a place of fellowship for years to come.

The church’s unique design vernacular has hints of classic Byzantine, Egyptian, Roman, and western European architectural influences that resonate with its devout and dedicated congregation. This ornate structure has classic architectural design elements mixing stucco walls, flat rooves, sweeping arched openings and windows, a unique raised entry, and the classic domed cupola features found in many Coptic Churches in Egypt and around the world.

This fusion of design influences lends itself to raised domes on circular walls with steel roofing details that were painstakingly constructed by AD Miller using modern building techniques. The church’s unique identity stands out and is a welcoming beacon of culture and influence in the Denver area. The interior of the church is open with many decorative carvings, motifs, and wall covering imported from Egypt.





St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church


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