Premier Members Credit Union Louisville

Premier Members Credit Union Louisville

Premier Credit Union’s Louisville bank branch presents a modern design that allows abundant natural light to infiltrate the interior. The exterior is a playful juxtaposition of shapes and the thoughtful detailing of masonry, columns, a shed roof plane, and elements that punctuate including glazed openings, and well-executed entry details. The project was challenging to erect and required many skillful labor pools to complete.

AD Miller guided amazing masonry detailing, in combination with precision stonework, installing substantial amounts of glazing, and rounding off the exterior palette with cementitious stucco to introduce a human scale of the nearby neighborhood. The precision masonry detailing accentuates the monumental structure, but it has the familiar feel that masonry can timelessly invoke.

AD Miller fabricated a welcoming front canopy that flies effortlessly above the entry doors with the cantilevered structural detailing tied back to the structure with oversized cable rods. The shed roof plane establishes a dialog with the surrounding neighborhood street context while offering solar shading in the summer months. AD Miller created a structure that offers exceptional durability and it’s suggestive that the bank branch is not only current, but also universal, yet specific.