H2O’Brien Outdoor Pool Renovation

H2O'Brien Outdoor Pool Renovation

H2O’Brien Pool was built in 2002 and is the Town of Parker’s only public outdoor water recreation facility, making it a popular destination. After 17 years of minimal updates and improvements, many of the pool’s original amenities were outdated, in need of repair, and no longer met the community’s needs and expectations. A significant renovation improved both amenities and operations while lowering operational costs, transforming this unique facility into a more energy-efficient, accessible, and exciting destination. The scope of work included adding a large water play structure, modernizing the pumps and filtration systems, remodeling the deck space to increased seating capacity, and installing shade areas and outdoor showers. The changing rooms were renovated, and the front lobby was reorganization to improve functionality. Throughout the facility, improvements were made to increase accessibility.




Town of Parker


Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture