Credit Union of Denver Tivoli Student Center

Credit Union of Denver Tivoli Student Center

Located inside the historic Tivoli Student Center on Denver’s Auraria Higher Education Campus, the Credit Union of Denver branch was a tenant finish renovation, 90% of which occurred while students flowed through the facility. The Credit Union is prominently located just inside the main entrance from the campus. This remodel project transformed the space into an inviting community bank branch location.

This project bridged all the usual AD Miller guided trades. The scope of work required sorting through the challenges of abating asbestos, coordinating day-to-day construction activities in thoughtful ways to dampen noise, and minimizing construction impacts on student life. AD Miller procured talented mill workers to create and install a specialty suspended ceiling system in the lobby above the teller stations. The complex interior custom casework and unique ceiling detail treatment create a warm, inviting, homey feeling. In addition, the unique etched floor-to-ceiling glass wall detail separates bank offices from the lobby space, creating separation and providing transparency and connectivity with customers. This project was delivered in the CM/GC methodology.




Credit Union of Denver


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