Financial institution construction projects call for the latest in contemporary design and security solutions–both of which we efficiently provide. Stability, integrity, and trust are all critical components of the builder/buyer relationships, since contracts are often contingent upon 3rd party bonding and a guaranteed performance. With our outstanding records of safety and 100% litigation-free history, we meet all underwriting requirements and have built and renovated numerous financial institutions soundly and up to the high standards required for construction jobs of this nature.


Credit Union of Denver

Credit Union of Denver hired AD Miller to lead the construction of an occupied, phased, tenant remodel of a 6,500-square-foot facility. The project was built via the hard bid delivery method. Credit Union of Denver offers a large number of options for banking and finance. Priding themselves on Financial Wellness, they are able to assist […]

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Navy Federal Credit Union bank construction Denver

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution. Currently serving over 10 million members, including Officers, Veterans, DoD employees, and their family members of all branches of the Military. The remodel to this 3,500-square-foot occupied space called for a phased construction plan. The striking clear story underneath a sweeping, curved roof reflects the […]

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Premier Credit Union construction

Premier Members Credit Union

Premier Members Credit Union values educating younger generations on preparing for financial independence. They encourage members, partners, and other financial institutions to help reduce the footprint we leave on our environment. The construction of the space reinforced their sustainable philosophy while creating a warm, inviting, home-like setting, complete with a fireplace sitting area. A suspended […]

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