Financial institution construction projects call for the latest in contemporary design and security solutions–both of which we efficiently provide. Stability, integrity, and trust are all critical components of the builder/buyer relationships, since contracts are often contingent upon 3rd party bonding and a guaranteed performance. With our outstanding records of safety and 100% litigation-free history, we meet all underwriting requirements and have built and renovated numerous financial institutions soundly and up to the high standards required for construction jobs of this nature.


Canvas Credit Union Headquarters

76,000 SF Occupied Building Remodel and Tenant Finish.  Project was a 3 floor phased project, with tenants occupying a minimum of 2 floors during the entire construction.  Project included adding 4th Floor Roof Top Conference Room Addition, which was also completed while building was occupied.  AV/LV/Security were all coordinated with owner.  Building was fully secured […]

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Redstone Bank

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Partner Colorado Credit Union

8000 SF two-story addition with a walk out basement that connected to the existing credit union.

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