Worship Facilities

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Atonement Lutheran Church

Attonement Lutheran Church Attonement Lutheran Church Attonement Lutheran Church Attonement Lutheran Church
Location: Lakewood, CO   Owner: Atonement Lutheran Church   Address 6281 W. Yale Avenue
Architect: Eidos Architechts, P.C.   Architect: Lee Architects/Interior Designers   Size: 6,400 sq. ft.

This congregation has experienced steady growth throughout its history. The new facility will include a new 242 seat worship space, sacristy, storage and Narthex. The additional building area required a reconfiguration of the site and the addition of new parking. Building construction consists of caissons, foundations, bar joists, metal deck, concrete topping, steel studs, brick veneer, combination Glu-lams, wood decking and TJIs, membrane and composite asphalt shingles. Storefront glazing system, aluminum clad windows. New HVAC for addition with electrical upgrades.

BMH-BJ Congregation

BMH-BJ Congregation BMH-BJ Congregation BMH-BJ Congregation
Completion: May, 2002   Owner:BMH-BJ Congregation    
Address: 7275 S. Broadway   Architect: Hans Kahn & Associates   Size: 22,400 sq. ft.

Multi-phase remodel and renovation, including major updating of the HVAC and electrical systems, entry/waiting areas, meeting spaces, ands upgraded interior finishes. The church experienced no disruption to office operations or services.

Central Christian Church

Central Christian Church Central Christian Church

Exterior and interior construction to add classrooms and multi-use gymnasium to existing church. Property was an old dump site which itself create mitigation challenges.
- Structural excavation
- Spread footings
- Steel frame
- Pre-cast exterior panels
- EDPM roof
- New electrical and mechanical systems

7th Day Adventist Church

7th Day Adventist Church 7th Day Adventist Church

Renovations to update church for a growing congregation. Complete gut of interior, rotated stained glass windows for greater visual impact. New pews, new carpeting, new acoustically enhanced interior, new state-of-the-art sound system, new electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.

South Suburban Christian Church

South Suburban Christian Church
Location: Littleton, CO   Owner: South Suburban Christian Church    
Address: 7275 S. Broadway   Architect: Lee Architects/Interior Designers   Size: 35,000 sq. ft.

The South Suburban Christian Church is an example of collaborative team work. At the projects inception, the project team created a phasing plan that would keep the construction work moving in a timely manner while keeping the church in operation. To accomplish this, the project's construction was completed in six phases. The phasing agreed upon was to complete the core and shell addition first to mitigate future construction cost increases and then complete the interior finishes last. Next the existing building was then renovated and major systems coordinated to the unfinished addition. Construction consisted of caissons and helical piers for underpinning the existing building, foundations, structural steel, bar joists, metal deck, EIFS, brick veneer, EDPM roof, and composite shingles. Extensive site work was required for the retaining walls and parking lot.

Our Lady of Snow Church

Our Lady of Snow Church Our Lady of Snow Church Our Lady of Snow Church Our Lady of Snow Church Our Lady of Snow Church
Location: Granby, CO   Owner: Catholic Archdiocese of Denver    
Architect: Keith J. James   Contact: Mr. Tim Thorpe - 303.530.4668   Size: 12,000 sq. ft.

During adverse weather conditions, working on the western slope of Colorado can present a challange to any constructional team. A.D. Miller Services Inc. met this challange by providing this local parish with a brand new quality worship facility on schedule and within budget. Construction consisted of spread footings, foundations, structural steel, bar joists and a metal deck for the lower level. The Monsignor Thomas Berry Catholic Center was built in the lower level of the building and housed classrooms, meeting areas and an outside courtyard. Glu-Lam beams with tongue and groove decking finished the structure. Stone massonary, EIFS and a standing seam metal roof completed the exterior building. High end finishes and custom carpentry were part of the new facility, as well as the special handcrafted stained glass windows.

First United Methodist of Loveland

First United Methodist of Loveland First United Methodist of Loveland

This Historical Church needed upgrades to modernize its facilities to meet the needs of a growing membership. Additional consideration was given to improve access for mobility challenged parishioners. The last major consideration was to retain the grace and beauty of an older Church.
- Two elevators
- Renovations to the Entryway, Sanctuary and Nusery
- New narthex
- Upgraded electrical and mechanical systems

Church of the Risen Christ

Church of the Risen Christ Church of the Risen Christ
Location: Denver, CO   Owner: Archdiocese of Denver    
Architect: JP Architecture   Contact: Mr. Philip J. Criste   Size: 2,500 sq. ft.

This is an Adoration Chapel addition to a parish that felt they needed to have a worship area available during the week. Before the addition work can begin a new basement will be excavated to add a multipurpose room, music room, elevator room and new restroom facilities. Much needed storage space will be underneath the new chapel. Construction consists of caissons, foundations, steel framing with metal deck and concrete, metal framing with hardocat stucco, roof trussesand EDPM roof. Mechanical and electrical system upgrades with landscaping around the effected areas.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities
Location: 4045 Pecos St, Denver, CO 80211      
Contact: Ruth Gonzales   Phone: 303-880-7741  

Tenant finish of a new Administrative building for Catholic Charities. Interior finish to 44,000 square feet building, added new elevator, new electrical system, new remote equipment room; completed under a very limited time frame, delivered on time and within budget.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

Complete exterior and interior remodel. Popped the top to add additional seating in the sanctuary area. Added classrooms and new handicap accessible staircase. Also increased the size of the sanctuary. New addition totaled 7,500 square feet. Added elevator for congregation convenience.