Tenant Improvements (TI)

TI Experience

Our company goal is to deliver the best project possible, insuring our clients receive the highest quality and at a competitive price for work performed. We have the clients interest as our top priority regardless of the square footage to be completed.

Simple vs. Sophisticated

We are highly organized: we utilize technology, and are capable of delivering the highest quality possible, while staying within budget and completing the work on time.

If your project requires special finishes, incorporates technology centers, or must have security access and tracking, then AD Miller can meet those requirements.


Our 30 years of construction experience enables us to identify value engineering opportunities of most projects. The end results are; our clients save money without sacrificing quality of materials used or adding additional construction time.

Budget and on-time Completion

Plan the work, work the plan! AD Miller follows the "Principle as Project Manager" philosophy. Each project is followed by a company principle that has the greatest interest in delivering the project within budget and on time. Our overall experience in delivering on-time and within budget is close to 100% over the past 30 years.

Projects Completed

Over 1,000 projects completed representing several million square feet.