At A.D. Miller Services we use the best technology available in the construction industry. One of our goals is to stay ahead of the game and to always keep moving forward.

Software programs utilized

  • AIA Contract Document Software to create Change Orders, Owner & Contractor Agreements, General Conditions, Contractor's Qualification Statement
  • BIS (Builder Information System) to compile, track, and manage all of our billing and job costing.
  • Microsoft Excel software is used to present a wide variety of data, such as purchase orders, daily log reports, RFI Logs, and Submittal Logs
  • Detailed construction schedules outlining the various tasks to be performed, including suggested completion dates, using Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel software.
  • Architectural plans are available in PDF format

We are also doing our part on ‘Going Green’. At our office we recycle ink cartridges, paper, plastic, aluminum, & cardboard. This allows use to reduce our impact on the environment and preserve it for future generations. We have also starting sending plans electronically to cut down on paper and fuel consumption. Documents are sent via e-mail whenever possible. Not only does this cut down on paper but it dramatically improves the speed at which business is conducted. It speeds up communication and allows us to complete our projects more effectively and efficiently.