Team Construction

Our Team Construction services provide the most comprehensive and efficient means to design and construct your project. We work with you, the owner, to create a team of professionals, including an Architect, Project Manager, Chief Estimator, Superintendent, and a Project Coordinator. All team members, including subcontractors, will have input on the best way to balance design, cost, and quality, while satisfying budgets and schedules.

The partners in Team Construction quickly become a cohesive unit, speaking as one voice from the project's start to finish. From development to scheduling, budgeting, plan review, value engineering, bidding, and construction, the team must be integrated into all phases of the operation in order to provide the optimum benefit.

A. D. Miller Construction Services believes strongly in the Team Construction concept for the inherent team values it brings to the construction process. From a more practical point of view, it also may allow for faster permitting and subsequent start dates, thereby saving financing costs, reducing idle time, and satisfying the owner's desire for an early completion and minimal disruption to the business. Throughout construction of this project, we will cooperate with everyone to assure the safety, security, accessibility, and cleanliness of the facility are maintained for all.

A. D. Miller Construction Services will provide detailed cost breakdowns from preliminary, intermediate, and final drawings categorized by division and section, as per the specified AIA-101 Document (or other AIA Document, as agreed upon). We also utilize BIS (Builder Information System) and Microsoft Excel software to compile and present the data. In addition, A. D. Miller Construction Services provides detailed construction schedules outlining the various tasks to be performed, including suggested completion dates, using Microsoft Project and Excel software.

Value Engineering is a joint process, with individual members of the team sharing their expertise and guidance for the benefit of the owner. Ideally, value engineering begins during the design/development stage in order to establish the budget, set change order and plan review procedures, analyze alternative construction methods and systems, and research the market for comparative costing and the availability of quality suppliers and subcontractors.

The management and staff of A. D. Miller Construction Services are available from inception to the completion of the project, and beyond, to consult with the owner and other parties, dedicating any resources necessary to create a facility worthy of its purpose. We want to be an integral partner in the process, and will do everything humanly possible to meet or exceed the high standards you expect.

Team Construction Process

  • Attending meetings to offer input on costing, materials, systems, construction techniques, and scheduling.
  • Providing detailed budget estimates based on available information, subject to the approval of the team, including value-engineered costs, as applicable.
  • Establishing a comprehensive construction schedule in line with owner/architect requirements.
  • Reviewing all applicable construction documents for accuracy, completeness, and ultimate benefit to the owner.
  • Recommending professional and reliable engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers to the Team.
  • Enlisting the help of subcontractors to solicit their ideas on cost-effective ways to build the project.
  • Offering any support necessary to successfully accomplish the Team's mission.

In Conclusion

The selection criteria for any General Contractor are aimed at finding a knowledgeable, experienced, cost-conscious firm you can trust to do the job, on time and on budget. We know the process can be tedious and difficult. However, when all is said and done, your comfort level with the contractor will be the determining factor.

In order to reaffirm your comfort level with A. D. Miller Construction Services, we invite you to take a few minutes to review the lengthy list of projects in our booklet to assure you of our qualifications. Please visit our projects, contact our references and our repeat-business associates. After all, their comments are the best indicator of how we conduct our business.

A. D. Miller Construction Services is recognized as a company with a highly experienced and knowledgeable management and staff to support your project. Whether for new construction, additions or remodels, we have the capability to produce a quality product at the best cost for you. Our reliability, honesty, integrity, and attention to detail are unquestioned. Your project will receive our undivided attention, with supervision on-site, and continuous communication. We look forward to becoming Your Partner in many projects to come.