Safety Record

Safety is and will always be of the utmost importance to A.D. Miller Services. Over the last twenty-five years A.D. Miller Services has not had a single lost time accident. This is a tremendous accomplishment and we will continue to make safety our top priority. A.D. Miller Services considers no phase of operation of greater importance than accident prevention and awareness.

Planning for safety starts with estimating and continues thought purchasing, construction, repairs, and maintenance of the entire project. In order to have a successful safety program, all members of the company must work together.

Safety begins with the President who develops, maintains, oversees, and implements all aspects of the safety program. Project Managers conduct pre-construction safety meetings; follow up on all inspection reports, and observes safe construction procedures during job site visits. Our superintendents provides protective equipment to all job site visitors, are always on the lookout for unsafe actions, never let workers short cut safety procedures, and is responsible for safety on the jobsite. Safety inspections are conducted once a month by our Professional Safety Inspector. All employees are required to know and follow the safety rules at all times and are required to report unsafe conditions to their immediate supervisor, or any member of management if necessary, without fear of reprimand.

At A.D. Miller Services, all practical steps shall be taken to maintain safe conditions. Protective equipment is provided to minimize existing accidents and health hazards and is used by all employees, visitors, and subcontractor employees in accordance with the client, company, state, and federal standards and codes.

Experience Modification Rate / OSHA Safety Statistics

EMR for the last six years:

Measurement rating of saftey performance of employees