Retail & Commercial Facilities

Glenwood Meadows

Glenwood Meadows Glenwood Meadows Glenwood Meadows Glenwood Meadows
Location: Glenwood Springs, CO   Owner: Miller Weingarten Realty LLC.    
Contact: Ms. Lisa Lorman   Architect: Intergroup Architects   Size: 20,000 sq. ft.

A.D. Miller Services, Inc. was selected to complete the tennant finish work at this new 20,000 square foor retail center located in Glenwood Springs. A.D. Miller Services, Inc. began working with the owner before the completion of the construction of the core and shell to develope an efficient schedule for finishing the tennant finish box space work for the on time delivery to new tennants occupying the spaces.

Arapahoe County Justice Center

Arapahoe County Justice Center Arapahoe County Justice Center
Location: Englewood, CO   Owner: Arapahoe County    
Architect: DMJW   Contact: Crestone Management   Size: 27,000 sq. ft.

The Arapahoe County Justice Center selected A.D. Miller Services, Inc. to modernize and upgrade security in all of their courtroom facilities and make them handicap accessible. The courtrooms, offices and the chambers for the judges were all renovated into "smart courtrooms" using the latest technology in soundproofing, surveillance and security equipment. The tenant improvements and remodeling work took place in phases so that the Justice Center was able to reopen and courts kept in session during construction. Due to the security requirments of this public space, all construction personnel were required to pass extensive background checkls in order to recieve clearance to work inside the Justice Center.

Wabash Strip Mall

Wabash Strip Mall Wabash Strip Mall

Tenant finish / remodel to existing strip mall. New facade for building(s) exterior. Added drive-up facility for restaurant tenant with access window for cuxtomer orders; Changed building orientation to allow easier customer access.

Arapahoe Courts Office Building

Arapahoe Courts Office Building
Location: Centennial, CO   Owner: Arapahoe Court I, LLC.    
Architect: Jacobowski & Associates   Architect: Lee Architects/Interior Designers   Size: 21,662 sq. ft.

This office building project presented the challange of a small site with big grade changes from the front to the back of the site. Construction consisted of dewattering, caissons, foundations, retaining walls, structural steel, bar joists, metal decks, EIFS, brick veneer, and EDPM roof. Complete tennant finish for all office spaces. Site work included a parking lot and landscaping.

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor
Location: Denver, CO   Owner: Lord and Taylor - Cherry Creek    
Architect:The Durrant Group, Inc.       Size: 15,000 sq. ft..

Addition of a high-end retail sales space to the existing store, while maintaining full store operations.

Hillside Business Center

Hillside Business Center
Location: Centennial, CO   Owner: Hillside Park Business Center LLC    
Architect: Lewis-Himes Architects   Contact: Mr. Pete Kost   Size: 20,250 sq. ft.

This project is a three building complex and includes 7303, 7313 and 7323 South Alton Way. These projects in the Southeast Denver market created Flex office space for smaller tennants. Construction consisted of caissons, grade beam, slab on grade, load bearing CMU, wood trusses, and composition shingles. Rear elevations are dock high with overhead doors. Site work included the parking lot, curb and gutter.

Luby Chevrolet

Luby Chevrolet
Location: Lakewood, CO   Owner: Luby Chevrolet    
Architect: Lewis-Himes Architects   Size: 8,500 sq. ft.    

Auto showroom remodels present challanges as the dealer must continue service and sales operations. A.D. Miller Services Inc. remodeled the dealership and kept the dealer open for business during the construction. Renovations included a new EIFS exterior, new glazing system, new interior, new site lighting and renovation of the administrative offices.

Yosemite Retail Center

Yosemite Retail Center
Location: Centennial, CO   Owner: Crestone Managment    
Architect: Lewis-Himes Architects   Size: 21,921 sq. ft.    

The Hillside Park II project is a neighborhood retail center on a busy corner. Construction consisted of caissons, grade beam, slab on grade, CMU load bearing walls, storefront glazing, wood trusses, and composition shingles. Site work included landscaping, site lighting and parking lot.

Smith Barney

Smith Barney
Location: Denver, CO   Owner: Smith Barney    
Architect: Smith Barney Construction Design   Architect: Lee Architects/Interior Designers   Size: 17,400 sq. ft.

Complete demolition and buildout of the 27th floor of the Manville Tower.