Gelazzi Gelazzi Gelazzi
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO   Owner: Gelazzi Inc.    
Architect: Cahen Architectual Group   Size: 2,304 sq. ft.    

This store was built as Gelazzi's signature store. All stores across the nation will be modeled after this space. The interior underwent a complete tennant finish that utilized a blend of old and new Italian decor. Old is seen in the delicately slanting the Roman columns. New is seen in the distinctive accent lighting throughout the entire space, and the bright playful colors of the hand painted graphics the swril around the room. The stained concrete floor perfectly completes the fun atmosphere. The kitchen was alos modernized with the new stainless steel appliances.

Red Bird Cafe

Red Bird Cafe Red Bird Cafe
Location: Centennial, CO   Owner: Red Bird Cafe Inc.    
Architect: J-Squared Planning & Design   Size: 2,304 sq. ft.    

Complete built out of restaurant from shell space; including all specialty requirements (electrical & plumbing) for ice cream coolers, special refrigeration considerations. Worked closely with Interior Decorator for special lighting effects and color scheme.